Website Photography

MC Digital Photography wants to help your business stand out from the crowd. With bespoke website photography of your products and even your team can help promote your business as unique, professional and different from the competition.

A single image that you’ve had professionally shot will have a significantly better effect than 15 stock images. Promoting your business’ website and in turn your product, service or events will be enhanced significantly with the inclusion of quality website photography. MC Digital Photography provides a wide range of different photographical services to ensure your business is promoted in the best possible way.

Promoting your business with digital website photography

There are many benefits to adding your own professional photographs to your business website. Here are some of our top reasons:

  • Support and supplement your website’s content. Web users are much more likely to stick around websites which are aesthetically pleasing and visual content sells!
  • Humanise your business. Including branded images specific to your product, service or event makes it seem more approachable and ‘real’ than a website packed with stock images
  • Encourages social sharing and media interest
  • Makes your business memorable

Professional website photography for your business

MC Digital Photography offer a wide range of photographic services for your business, meeting the highest quality standard at all times.

E-commerce businesses may want to invest in a full set of packshots or even our innovative 360º product photography. Displaying each of your products in a professional, high-res format gives your customer the best possible view before making a purchase.

Events companies may want to hire us for shoot their event on-site and then these images can be provided in high resolution and low resolution format for you to use in any format you wish – including on your website.

Why website photography works

There are hundreds of resources online where you can buy stock images for us on your website. There are some instances where this may make sense but any professional business can have a better impact with their own, unique photographs. Here are three reasons why you should always opt for professional website photography over stock imaging:

You will soon find that many websites are using the same stock images and you may find the image you painstakingly chose and paid for on many other websites. It makes your company look the same as others and stops you standing out.

The best way of showing off how great your business is, is to show it off. Using photographs of your actual events, products and even your building makes you seem real, approachable and genuine. These are things that all customers want.

Tell your Story
Customers like personalisation, they want to know what makes you and your brand tick. You can’t tell your personal story using bland stock images produced for general purposes.

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