Location Photography

Shooting on location can give your company a chance to show off your local area and you commitment to it. Alternatively it could mean placing your product in a place which is highly relevant to its purpose and shooting it in context. Location photography sees our professional skills taken to your chosen location to guarantee you achieve the effect desired for your commercial and client needs.

MC Digital Photography works on location across the UK providing high quality digital images for business clients in all sectors. Working on location means we can shoot those places and spaces which are relevant for your business and can enhance its image overall.

Location photography for website, catalogues and promotion

Location photography is a powerful way of giving your business website or catalogue a personal touch. Working with MC Digital Photography you can have images of you company offices, team or whatever you believe to be relevant to your company’s image taken on location where you choose.

This is particularly powerful in industrial businesses where shots of labs, technical equipment and machinery can highly enhance the overall appearance of the brand when advertising online as well as in print.

Location Photography for Business Events

Post-event marketing is becoming more and more popular and it can be a great way of advertising the success of your company and is improved significantly with professionally shot images. Whether you have an important conference or a visit from foreign delegates having a visual representation of the event, as well as text and conversation, can ensure a longer lasting effect.

MC Digital Photography regularly shoot on location across the UK, capturing key events and occasions for many businesses. Our services also include on location product photography and PR and marketing shoots. Get in touch to find out more about the breadth of our services.

Promoting your Brand Identity through Location Photography

Your brand identity is key to the success of your business and though you may have built it around graphic images, logos and even personalities you can bolster it with relevant, quality location photography.

Showing off the best of your business in real terms, through photography, humanises your brand and grounds it, giving customers something to relate to.